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Main, Dessert & Cordial


Half Joint of the Day

Fresh market vegetables, mash potato & gravy

Chicken Goujons

Served with home made chips / mash & melody of fresh market vegetables

Little Sailors Seafood Pasta

Served in homemade cream or tomato Sauce

House Bangers & Mash

Served with melody of fresh market vegetables & Gravy

Courtney’s Big Boy 4oz Steak Burger

 Served with Seeded Bap, Onion Ring, homemade chips / mash

Penne Pasta

With tomato sauce 

Einstein’s Pizza Slices

Margarita or Pepperoni


Kiddies Cookie

Served Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Scoops of Homemade Ice Cream or Ice Cream Cone 


Glass of Orange / Blackcurrant Cordial